Young boy with Cerebral Palsy avoids surgery thanks to local charity

Bryce is a recipient of the charity Rally for a Cause, which exists to support locals just like you.

Great news! Bryce received his new trike today delivered from Brisbane. 

He was sooo excited! He’s already had a ride around our street ( twice) and insists on sitting next to it and pushing and pulling the handle bar.

A thank you is not enough for you good people making this happen for him. It’s going to be the most used item he has. The benefits that this exercise will give him is literally life changing for him. This has “ saved “ him from having to have intense physio to work his muscles and correct his hip size difference and the need for a full hip replacement in the future. 

It’s enjoyable for him instead of the tears I have to watch when he doesn’t want to do physio as it’s not fun being pushed and pulled even though it’s for his benefit.

Bryce finally has something he can do as independently as possible and feel like he’s a normal child out enjoying his trike ride.

If you’re anywhere out along the foreshore and you’re a part of Dunga Derby , please come and say hi to us as we will be out and about enjoying the sunshine and the exercise on the trike! 

Again ……..HUGE HUGE THANK YOU from Bryce and myself .

Bryce and Robyn



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