Updated plans for Noosa Civic Revealed

Stockwell - Noosa Civic - Cinema Entry

Stockwell has lodged updated Development Applications for the expansion of the Noosa Civic shopping centre and the new Village Mixed Use precinct after working with Noosa Council on aligning the Stockwell design with the planning scheme.

Mark Stockwell, Stockwell Managing Director said, ‘Since we lodged our plans in May, we have been working with Council to ensure these plans deliver on the Noosa planning scheme.

‘This collaborative effort has now seen us reallocate the physical location of some of the floorspace to meet Council’s precinct plan.

‘Where our original Village Mixed Use plan included new convenience and specialty retail within that precinct, this retail has now been largely incorporated into the expansion of the existing centre. ‘The Village Mixed Use precinct will continue to be a new entertainment and leisure precinct anchored by Reading Cinemas with some retail, but now features an expanded green spine featuring lawn space and landscaped gardens.

Stockwell – Noosa Civic – Village Green

‘The other uses and offers proposed, including new build-to-rent apartments and a mix of professional suites and office space, remain, however the office space has now been amalgamated into a gateway building that marks the entry to the precinct.

‘At the end of the day, the outcome for the community will be the same. It is simply where the floorspace goes on the site.’

The Noosa Civic shopping centre and Village Mixed Use precinct form part of the broader Noosa Civic Business Centre that also incorporates new roads, the Hof apartments, the Medihub, a future early learning centre and Innovation Precinct as well as other opportunities for commercial, residential, medical and health.

Kelly Alcorn, Stockwell Development Manager said, ’We achieved Council’s approval for the Noosa Civic Medihub and Hof apartments which are both under construction, and we have now restructured the Development Applications for the Village Mixed Use precinct and existing centre expansion to be in a form that Council can approve.

Stockwell – Noosa Civic – Commercial Gateway

‘This shows the benefits for the community by us working with Noosa Council. ‘There has been genuine enthusiasm since we lodged our plans from the local community and from businesses to join us which continues to provide us confidence to move ahead.

‘Our ambition remains the same: to set up Noosa for the future, creating jobs for today and the next generation; keeping investment local; and for the community to not have to leave the local area for work, medical procedures or to use services or retail over 45 minutes’ drive away.’

A decision on the Development Applications is anticipated early in the new year.



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