Understand and be better prepared to repel cyber threats against your business!

Cybercrime is soaring with more than 76,000 cases reported nationally each year, but a new Sunshine Coast-based organisation is here to help businesses.

The Critical Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (CI-ISAC) launching May 8, is a not- for-profit organisation established in Maroochydore.

It will support all businesses from small to large across a number of industries, including food and grocery, health, communications, financial services, manufacturing, education, transport, and energy as well as critical infrastructure entities like airports and local governments.

Each of these sectors has been identified as vital to the Australian economy, as they represent high value targets for cyber attackers.

Sunshine Coast Council and CI-ISAC are hosting a Cross Sector Industry Luncheon on Monday, May 8 in Maroochydore to share how this new not-for-profit organisation will boost Australia’s collective defences against cyber threats.

There will also be a panel of experts who will discussing the latest in cyber-crime and how it relates to a range of industries.

Come and find out how you can get ahead of the game and make sure your investment into cyber protection is fit for purpose.

Industry Invitation: https://youtu.be/343oEYy18Ck

Event details: Monday 8 May, 2023, 11.30am-2.30pm, Maroochydore
Tickets, $95pp: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=1050435&


CEO CI-ISAC, David Sandell
CEO Next DC, Craig Scroggie
APAC CISO Cyber Leader Google, Daryl Pereira
CEO Sunshine Coast Airport, Andrew Brodie



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