The Man Behind the Can

Sam McKenzie’s illustrations grace the cans and taps for limited release brews that emerge from Eumundi Brewery – and he’s just nailed another brief, with his artwork featuring on the just launched cans of Eumundi Brewery Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Sam, 35, was born and bred in the creative hub that is the village of Eumundi, earned his childhood pocket money drawing at Eumundi Markets, and has gone on to develop a reputation as a successful illustrator and freelance graphic artist.

“I have been drawing ever since I could, drawing throughout school when I was supposed to be doing other stuff,” says Sam. “Eventually it got to a point where I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. That’s a kind of blindly stubborn determination, I suppose”.


His style? “It’s informed by old cartoons and comics and the like, with an emphasis on strong ink-work and bold colours,” Sam says. “I like to try and make dynamic work, with a sense of personality, and I like messing around with composition and more design-like elements too.

Sam designed the illustrations still used on the background of the Eumundi Brewery Refreshing Lager and Pale Ale cans.

 “I was thrilled to get the opportunity to design the artwork for the iconic beer that bears the name of my family home town,” Sam said.

He’s since created a mural within the working brewery; has continued to work on new release designs; and feels like he can contribute something to the town in working on the new brew designs.

“It’s really cool to see that the Eumundi beers getting out there throughout Queensland, and beyond,” Sam says.

“The launch of the ginger beer really flies the Eumundi flag, celebrating the local region’s reputation as a ginger-growing hub. It’s great to share that Eumundi goodness with beer lovers – and those who appreciate fine art on a can!,” laughs Sam.

Brewer Chris Sheehan says it’s only fitting that the Eumundi brews feature such edgy artwork. “Everything about the Imperial Hotel, the home of Eumundi Brewery, honours art and local artists, and creativity runs through the veins of the village of Eumundi,” he says.

“We want that creativity to shine in all the designs aligned with the Eumundi Brewery, and Sam absolutely gets it right every time – as he has again with the new Eumundi Brewery Alcoholic Ginger Beer,” says Chris.

The Eumundi Brewery Alcoholic Ginger Beer was launched in kegs at the end of 2020 and is now available in 375ml cans. An easy-drinking alcoholic Ginger Beer with a sweet clean nose, a very balanced and controlled palate and a pleasant finish that delicately lingers with that delicious burn you love from ginger, 4% ABV. Available in 4pks and 16pk cartons from The Imperial Hotel Eumundi, Eumundi Brewery’s online shop ( and select Sunshine Coast stores.



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