Sunshine Coast’s very own Charity Car Rally gets into gear

The Dunga Derby Charity Car Rally has opened registrations ready for the 2024 event!

Sunshine Coast Registrations are now open for the Sunshine Coast Dunga Derby, a charity car rally based here on the Coast, supporting Sunshine Coast locals.

“It’s always coast to country, the route is a surprise and it’s like a 4 day 40th birthday party, but with a charitable component ” said Founder and Director Mick Irwin. Many Sunshine Coast locals have already benefited from the charity, with funds raised being used for things like mortgage payments, health expenses, rent, groceries, household bills, equipment and house modifications.

“Our recipients of the charity are mostly those with life limiting medical conditions, so things like household expenses really just are so stressful, and when we can help with those expenses for a couple of months it means these families just feel a little bit less stressed.” Said the Director Jess Lane “ We cannot take away what they are going through, but we have the power to make it just a little bit less awful.”

About the Dunga Derby Car Rally:

The Dunga Derby is an annual fundraising event that sees up to 55 teams and over 200 people take part in a 4-day car rally all in the aim of raising funds for Rally for a Cause. Rally for a Cause actively supports local Sunshine Coast families and individuals affected by life-limiting medical conditions and/or whose lives have been disrupted by detrimental circumstances beyond their control.

In 2015 a group of local business owners were faced with the unthinkable, one of their friends had a vibrant healthy child suddenly struck down with an aggressive brain tumour. In an instant Cooper’s parents had their lives turned upside down.

Then they heard about Jesse, a young teenager with a passion for dance. No-one suspected this lovely girl would be struck down by bone cancer and her dreams of a future seemed bleak as she started the fight of her life.

What could be done? None of it was fair and it was clear to this group of friends these families needed help. The reality is a serious medical condition or personal family tragedy can mean; a loss of income, costly travel expenses for treatment, expensive medical related equipment or home renovations and extended stays away from family and loved ones. The concept of Rally for a Cause was born – To create a charity and raise funds to help support local families while they go through these tough times.

Since the inception in 2015, the Dunga Derby has raised over $3,000,000.00 which has gone back into the community through Rally for a Cause. To date Rally for a Cause has provided support to over 300 families in alignment with the charity guidelines and eligibility criteria.

For more information:

Contact – Fiona Martin

Phone number – 0439 045 002

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