Sunshine Coast’s Top 5 most Popular Dog Breeds for 2022

black and white border collie

It’s official – big dogs win!

Sunshine Coast Council has released information to settle the long running debate on whether big dogs or small dogs are the most popular furry friend.

Border Collie, Labrador and Staffordshire Bull Terriers have topped the list of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular dog breeds for 2022 with Maltese Cross and Cavoodle coming in at numbers four and five.

Cavoodle is a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle

But if you’re not a fan of a big dog or a little lapdog, you may be more of a cat person.

As for our feline friends, the top three most popular breed of cats on the Sunshine Coast are Domestic Short Haired, Ragdoll and Domestic Medium Haired, with Tabby and Domestic Long Haired not too far behind in fourth and fifth place.

Wherever your loyalties lie, council is urging pet owners to check their details are up to date so we can help your pet find its way home if lost.

Service Excellence Portfolio Councillor Winston Johnston said registration was an important part of being a responsible pet owner. 

“If you’ve recently moved to a new house, your pet has been desexed or microchipped or your pet has sadly passed away, it’s important to ensure council has the correct details before registration renewals are sent out in September,” Cr Johnston said.

“These details not only help council ensure the renewal notice reaches you, it can also impact the price of registration.

“For example, registration costs $24 for dogs and cats that are desexed and it’s free if you have a current pensioner card and your pet is microchipped.

“The information can also help council understand the pet demographic of our region so we can best provide pet-related services, such as dog off-leash parks, where they are needed most.”

You can update or cancel your pet’s registration details via the simple online form on council’s website by searching “Cat and dog registration”.  

You can also Register with MyCouncil to update any of the following animal details:

  • pensioner details
  • desexing
  • microchipping
  • status of your animal
  • request a replacement tag

A full list of pet registration fees can be found on council’s website.

close up shot of a cute ragdoll with blue eyes

Top five most popular registered cat breeds on the Sunshine Coast:

  • Domestic Short Haired
  • Ragdoll
  • Domestic Medium Haired
  • Tabby  
  • Domestic Long Haired

Top five most popular registered dog breeds on the Sunshine Coast:

  • Border Collie
  • Labrador
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Maltese Cross
  • Cavoodle



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