Richard runs for Rally for Cause

Runaway Noosa Marathon – the comeback of a lifetime

Not even a brain tumour will stop himRichard Ball had just purchased a new home and started his new job teaching science at a local school when he started getting headaches. As they turned into migraines, he headed for a CT Scan. Off to RBWH, the best neurosurgeons around removed a 55mm tumour from Richard’s right temporal lobe.

“The average prognosis for people with this type of tumour is 15 months” Richard was told.  

Rally for a Cause called me one particular day, and changed everything.

The assistance we received from Rally for a Cause gave us a sense of progess, and the ability to start making plans for the future. Now more than a year has passed, and we have a new child, my wife is my anchor and Richard is a bit of a miracle really.  

“Running proves to me I am doing better than just surviving” Richard says. “I get my legs pumping and I dare to believe anything is possible”

Richard Runs Runaway Noosa Marathon, May 28th 2022

When Richard toes the line of the Runaway Noosa Marathon in May this, year, he will have completed more than just hundreds of kilometers of training runs, he will have fought his way through brain surgery, 6 weeks of radiations, 12 months of chemotherapy for the opportunity to finish the race. “And I reckon I’m just getting started” Richard says.

Richard is fundraising for Rally for A Cause and encourages you to go to, make a donation with the reference ‘Richard Runs’.



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