Queenslanders urged to have their say on fairer rental laws

  • Public consultation is now open on Stage 2 rental law reforms
  • The reform proposals aim to increase fairness for renters and provide certainty for rental property owners
  • Consultation has now commenced and closes 5pm Monday 29 May

Queenslanders are being urged to have their say on Stage 2 rental law reforms, with public consultation now open.

The reforms aim to provide a strong, balanced approach that protects the rights of renters and lessors, while improving stability in the rental market.

The Stage 2 reforms cover five key priority areas, including:

  • making it easier for renters to install safety, security and accessibility measures they need in their rental property;
  • supporting parties to negotiate about making minor personalisation changes to rental properties;
  • better balancing of renters’ rights to privacy and quiet enjoyment with property owners’ entry rights;
  • ensuring rental bond settings provide appropriate security and parties are transparent and accountable about any claims against the bond when the tenancy ends;
  • ensuring rent payment, utility and reletting fees and charges are fair and reasonable; and

Minister for Communities and Housing Leeanne Enoch said “Many people in Queensland right now are facing housing pressures, none more so than the over a third of Queensland households who rent.

“To tackle these pressures, we’re pursuing Stage 2 rental law reforms which build on the rental reforms we successfully delivered in 2021.

“Our reforms aim to strike the right balance between the needs of the community, while also supporting continued investment in the housing market.”

Stage 1 rental reforms passed by State Parliament in October 2021:

  • Establish minimum standards to ensure all Queensland rental properties meet standards for safety, security and functionality.
  • End without grounds evictions and provide appropriate grounds to end a tenancy, including the end of a fixed term agreement. A rental property owner will not be able to issue a notice to leave ‘without grounds’, providing renters with more certainty.
  • Enable a renter to end their interest in a lease with seven days’ notice if they are unable to safely continue it because they are experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • Ensure that if a renter requests to keep a pet, a rental property owner must have reasonable grounds to refuse and respond in writing to this request within 14 days. Rental property owners can also place reasonable conditions on pet ownership, such as the pet is to be kept outside or that carpets are cleaned and the property is fumigated at the end of a lease.

For more information on Stage 2 rental law reform, including how to have your say, visit

Anyone who needs housing assistance should contact the 24/7 Homeless Hotline on 1800 474 753 or contact their local Housing Service Centre, which can be found at https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/public-community-housing/housing-service-centre



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