Nominate a local legend to win this Neighbour Day

Sunshine Coast residents are being called on to help make the 20th anniversary of Neighbour Day one to remember by celebrating with their neighbours on Sunday, March 27.

Shout out a neighbour you think deserves their chance to win one of the three $100 Bunnings Vouchers.

To enter, nominate your neighbour and tell us why they deserve to win. This year, Neighbour Day’s theme is ‘Connecting Communities for 20 Years’ and Sunshine Coast Council is encouraging the local community to check in with their mates over the fence or down the street.

Community Development Portfolio Councillor David Law said strong relationships with our neighbours helped form strong communities.

“Research* conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing shows the challenges of the pandemic has meant people have increasingly relied on their neighbours and with the rise in loneliness across Australia, there is no better time to reach out,” Cr Law said.

“An important goal for the Sunshine Coast Community Strategy 2019-2041 is to strengthen our communities and a great place to start is by looking at our At Home in My Neighbourhood toolkit for lots of practical tips and strategies to help build relationships with your neighbours.

“Let’s continue to work together to help create the Sunshine Coast we all want to live in, brimming with respectful relationships and connected communities.”

Five steps to being neighbourly

1. Start with a smile

Make it a habit to flash a friendly smile or say hello. Even in chaotic moments, it is sure to make a difference!

2. The initial chat – find out their name

Strike up a conversation with a genuine compliment, or a query, as this can be a great icebreaker.

3. Follow up – say their name

Next time you catch each other, follow up on what you spoke about last time. This shows your interest and people will generally appreciate feeling listened to.

4. Kind gestures 

Kind gestures are the ideal way to build positive connections, so consider what you might be able to offer, such as bringing in their bins, watering their garden, or sharing surplus produce or cuttings.

5. Host your event 

Organise a Neighbour Day get together or engage in a neighbourly action – perhaps on Neighbour Day, or whenever is convenient for you. Think of something your neighbours might enjoy such as a barbecue, morning tea, some friendly games, or perhaps leave a thoughtful note.

Nominations close at midnight on Monday, April 11 and winners will be announced Friday, April 21.

To nominate your neighbour visit,

For a range of downloadable resources or to register your event, activity or neighbourly action online visit,

* Source: Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing: Social isolation and loneliness



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