New Chair of the Board for Comlink Australia

One of Australia’s most respected health and fitness executives who has recently led the management buyout of Jetts Fitness has been appointed as the new Chair of the Board for Comlink Australia.

Elaine Jobson has served on the Comlink board for the past four years and has accepted the Chair role as the organisation places a stronger focus towards becoming an industry leader in the healthy ageing sector. 

CEO Liam Mayo said Ms Jobson’s elevation to Chair was an important strategic move for the organisation as her global experience building successful companies through great cultures and growing exceptional leaders will be vital to the organisation’s ongoing success. 

“Elaine’s appointment is incredibly good news for our business as well as our staff and our clients. To have someone of Elaine’s calibre leading our Board will be vital as we work towards mitigating the impact of age related illnesses while fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for seniors in our community.

“Comlink’s goal is to be at the forefront of the healthy ageing sector and the pursuit of well-being and quality of life among older Australians is a multifaceted endeavour which will involve promoting physical, mental and social health,” Liam said.

Elaine said she was thrilled to take on the role of leading Comlink’s Board where she would draw on her extensive national and international experience across the fitness and wellbeing sectors to ensure Comlink is laser focused on becoming an industry leader in the healthy ageing space.

“I have been passionate about the fitness and wellness sectors all my life. I am looking forward to creating a culture across our staff and volunteers to deliver preventative healthcare measures for our ageing population.

“We will have a multi-faceted approach which includes encouraging regular exercise, balanced nutrition and routine health check-ups to mitigate the impact of age related illnesses. Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for seniors is also crucial to ensure they remain active contributors to society through continued learning, community engagement and intergenerational connections.

“We are passionate about embracing a holistic approach to healthy ageing where it has been scientifically proven that movement (exercise), good nutrition and creating a sense of community are some of the keys to ageing well. We’ll do this in a way which has not been seen in our industry previously,” Elaine said.

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About Elaine Jobson

Elaine is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including Deloitte’s Best Company to Work in South Africa and the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network’s Outstanding Business Woman of the Year. Elaine is renowned for her exceptional leadership and passion for building thriving cultures.

As the Fit Summit Executive of the Year in 2023, Elaine’s unwavering commitment to having happy people achieve exceptional results drove Jetts to top the list of Australia’s best workplaces. Her recent management buyout of Jetts Australia showcases her relentless drive for global expansion.



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