Meet Archer

Archer’s brain forgets to tell his body to breathe and needs to be attached to a portable ventilator machine every time he falls asleep or is sick. 

Without it, Archer would pass away in less than an hour. His condition is so rare less than 800 cases in the world and is called Haddad’s Syndrome. It’s a combination of a Respiratory condition called CCHS which affects all areas of the brains autonomic function (breathing, body temperature & heart rate), and Hirschsprung Disease which is a bowel disease. Archer only has a 1/3 of his bowel remaining. 

Archer’s body can’t detect C02 from slow or low breathing. We have to make sure he’s getting adequate volumes of air from his ventilator or he can have seizures or it can be toxic to his brain but can only do this by testing his C02.

Rally for a Cause and the Dunga Teams’ hard work means Archer can get a portable CO2 monitor ready to start prep next year! 🧡

Archer met the Dunga Derby charity car rally teams on Sunday at their annual Boot BBQ event, a chance for the teams to show off their rally cars. 

The Charity exists to support locals with life limiting medical conditions, or those who have been affected by tragic circumstances beyond their control. To learn more, head to or email



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