Local Sunshine Business partners with The Thompson Institute to provide Suicide Alertness Training

Coast-based national healthcare clothing giant Infectious Clothing has partnered with the Thompson Institute to fund a mental health care initiative to help combat the mental health crisis.

Having seen the impact of the pandemic over the past two years on mental health, especially in the healthcare sector, Infectious CEO Sally Doran knew she needed to find a way to give back to the profession that is at the coal face of keeping our community safe.

“We all see the statistics on mental health-related deaths and feel helpless,” Sally says. “And often, the people
around victims of mental health deaths didn’t even know there was anything wrong. So I thought supporting more
education around how to identify the signs that someone is not okay was the biggest way we could help.”

Partnering with the nationally renowned and local mental health research institute, The Thompson Institute, to
sponsor 100 healthcare workers to enrol in their newest training initiative, The Suicide Alertness Program, felt like
the perfect fit.

The short 1-hour online course is designed to help people understand the signs and symptoms of someone around them struggling with their mental health and maybe in danger.

“As a busy working Mum, I know what it’s like to put your head down and just ‘get on with it’ and potentially miss vital signs that someone close to you may be struggling,” explains Sally.

“The thought that one conversation may help or even save a life is powerful and worth investing in,” she continues.

For any other businesses out there looking for a way to give back, please contact 5430 1191 at The Thompson Institute to find out how to support this fantastic initiative.

Let’s start educating our communities on how to help combat the mental health crisis.



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