Lend a hand for local families this Legacy Week

Show your support during Legacy Week by buying a badge, bear or donating.

Ahead of Legacy Week launching on Saturday, August 27, Acting Mayor Rick Baberowski is highlighting the importance of showing support for the families whose loved ones have served our country.

Legacy Week, also known as ‘Badge Week’, is an opportunity to support and raise funds to assist widows, children and disabled dependants throughout Australia with essential services such as, counselling, accommodation, medical, advocacy and social support.

“The iconic Legacy Week appeal has been running since the 1940s and is your chance to support families in their time of need,” Acting Mayor Baberowski said.

“The past two years of lockdowns prevented normal fundraising activities in the community and Legacy Week volunteers are ready to make a big impact this year to help fund this vital work and help veterans’ families.

“Donations to Legacy support the families of veterans and help provide social, financial and developmental support families depend on.

“Dedicated volunteers, also known as Legatees, currently support around 43,000 people across Australia and need the support of our community to help those in their time of need.

“Legatees work directly with families to provide support, friendship and mentorship.

“Across the Sunshine Coast, Legacy Brisbane supports 751 widows and widowers, 25 youth and 17 people with disability.

“Community members are encouraged to support Sunshine Coast Legacy Group and buy a badge, a bear or donate during Legacy Week from Saturday, August 27, to Saturday, September 3.”

Legacy Sunshine Coast Chair Rhondda Poor said this year’s Legacy Week was a way to help families whose loved one had made the ultimate sacrifice or been injured during service.

“Legacy is an iconic Australian charity dedicated to supporting the families of our veterans who gave their lives or health in military service and strives to ensure the families of our veterans can fully realise their potential,” Ms Poor said.

“Legacy is committed to ‘keeping the promise’ to help veterans’ families carry on with their lives after the loss or injury of their loved one.

“Your support can deliver personal, long-lasting help to families.”

Barbara Pepper joined Legacy Sunshine Coast as a Legatee six years ago after retiring from the Australian Defence Force following 22 years of service.

“I became a Legatee to give back and help the families of veterans who served their country,” Ms Pepper said.

“Legatees are a first point of contact and provide emotional support to widows and families, so they do not suffer from social isolation and put families in touch with other families who have also lost a loved one. 

“Recently we helped one widow obtain her own service medals as she served in a Communications Unit in Canberra during World War II and wasn’t aware she was entitled to them. Next Anzac Day she will be able to proudly wear her own and her late husband’s medals.

“We’re always looking for new volunteers to help families on the Sunshine Coast. Simple gestures such as having a cup of tea and making sure families have all they need is just one of the ways you could help.” You can support Legacy Week at many Sunshine Coast locations including shopping centres, markets and RSL Clubs. All locations and online donation details are available on Legacy’s Sunshine Coast’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LegacySunshineCoast/



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