How your property can help someone needing a home

Council recognises that, like many places in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is in the midst of a housing crisis. 

At the July 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council, 11 petitions were tabled by Councillor David Law, requesting a reconsideration of Council’s approach to providing for caravans, buses and tiny homes. This work is now under way and is guided by the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan.

Community Portfolio Councillor David Law asked the petitioners and indeed anyone with an interest in assisting those in need of housing during this crisis, to consider how they could help support a person and provide a type of housing.

“Residents might be able to help someone in need by providing an opportunity for accommodation on their own property and there are a number of ways to do this,” Cr Law said.

“Homeowners could think about adding a secondary dwelling on their property.

“A secondary dwelling is a permanent structure with a building approval that can be occupied by another household – and they don’t have to be related to the main dwelling’s occupants.

“Alternatively it could be a temporary home for example, a tiny house on wheels, a caravan or a bus.

“Under Council’s Local Law, a temporary home can be in place for up to 18 months.

“For anyone interested in accommodating someone in a secondary dwelling or temporary home, further information is available on Council’s website, and search “building and development fact sheets”.

“Council officers are always available to help with the process.”

Council will continue to review its approach to providing for caravans, buses and tiny homes and will provide feedback on Council’s website.

Petitioners and anyone else with questions on how to do this can email Council at

Cr Law said Council is continuing to advocate to other levels of government for action to address housing availability, reduce homelessness and deliver more affordable housing choices.

“We are mindful of the need to promote inclusiveness and enable our region to remain a great place to live,” he said.



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