Horoscope Guidance

November 2022

Your ‘Positive’ Guidance for your horoscope for November 2022; to help you enjoy your journey and make the most of the energy surrounding you this month. (Stick to your horoscope only for best results)

HOW IT WORKS: The first section is the energy that is surrounding your horoscope for this month, and what types of things are likely to arise. The second section is the positive guidance to help you to enhance your month and make the most of it.

Read your guidance for the month and apply this positivity & guidance to as many areas of your life as you see fit. It may make sense in all areas of your life or may be more specific to a certain area; such as relationships, career, finances, family, health, spirituality, home and more.

This month you will find yourself realising your deep courage, you will conquer a fear or block that is holding you back and for that, you will have access to greater self compassion. Peace, Love and Warmth are surrounding you this month. Past events have shaped you into who you are now and when you take the positive lessons from them, you find yourself more in control of your emotions and with a greater understanding of who you are. This month you realise you are wiser and freer than ever before and you can use this strength as a gift to help others on their paths too. Approach your endeavors slowly and eventually you will see the results that you want.

Guidance: Trust your inner knowing, there is a great wisdom in nature and in stones in particular that will help you to understand what you need to understand about your past so you can take that wisdom and apply it to your life now. Find a wild stone or a crystal that calls your name and meditate with it, close your thoughts and open your intuition to its messages. Start getting clear on your intentions for your life: who do I want to be? How can I best share my gifts with others? What is a part of my purpose?
This month you will have someone enter your life who has a vibrancy of spirit, lots of energy and excitement, someone who sees the world as an opportunity and who is intrigued by everything. This person or energy will ignite something wonderful in you that you may have forgotten; innocence, passion, thirst for knowledge…How will you use this energy this month I wonder? New ideas are coming to you and this is a great time to begin new projects…you might just feel like you can do anything!

Guidance: Your guidance is to go with the flow of this energy this month, let yourself move and be flexible to things in your path. Learn to work ‘with’ instead of only one way. Like water cleanses us at the end of the day in the shower, your guidance is to shed all that is not yours; energy, thoughts, beliefs and then open your heart. Be receptive to others feelings in your actions too. As you shed your fears, your intuitive gifts will become stronger!
This month love and passion is at the forefront for you, whether it be in a relationship or it is about your passions in, and for life. In regards to love, then it looks like there is a deep connection here that goes beyond lust, this is a strong and supportive bond that is well balanced. Regarding the direction and course of your life, there will be a decision that you will need to consider wisely, think it through, as the easy road; the road of instant gratification is not always the one that will bring you the best long term outcome. Look to your emotions and your intuition, as well as your logical thoughts, then look to wise counsel.

Guidance: Seek the endurance you need in exercise, by moving and pushing your body… you have a great inner strength. Ask yourself what do you want in life, and then, what do you need to do to get yourself there…do you need to have a strong and calm mind? Do you need to trust and love yourself more? Do you need to ask for help and assistance to reach these goals? You are also being guided to spend time with animals like cats, dogs or horses, they have so much love and wisdom to share with us, if you give them the time.
Now is the time to get rid of what you don’t need in your life and to let go of things that are no longer right for you. It could be ideas, goals that no longer apply, or a general clean out and declutter. This is a time of the great shift and by stepping out of the old, you leave way for a brilliant new future that is much more fulfilling. This month is about letting go and clearing the way, this is a month of transformation for you.

Guidance: You are being guided to release the need to control the journey on your way to the outcome, all you need to do is to get in touch with what you really want…in your heart and soul… set an intention and then let go, allow the universe to move things in your favour, and put you in the right places. Part of your purpose is to help others with your gentle gifts. Take control of your life, of your thoughts and direct them towards an outcome where you are happy and fulfilled…you hold the vision and then let spirit help get you there.
Prosperity and Abundance are surrounding you this month and there are things you can do to take advantage of this energy. Firstly, if you know your goals, make clear plans on how you will get to the desired result. Secondly, you can begin the new venture that you have been thinking about, or, you will receive an opportunity that you have been hoping for and this is a great time to go ahead with it. Thirdly, if you need better results, do something differently, throw something new into the mix: make a change, do something you might not ordinarily do, like joining a group or club, or learn new skills. .

Guidance: There are experiences and times in your life that have brought you great value, they have given you knowledge, wisdom and growth. Surround yourself with things that remind you of the best parts of yourself and then start making plans with careful consideration to reach your goals. In which ways is it time to reinvent yourself so you can be the perfect fit for your goals?
This month you may feel pulled in two directions, not knowing the right choice to make. Your head is overruling your heart and it will make things confusing for you. There is a decision to be made and this is because it is time for something new for you but you don’t feel entirely ready for it….I mean, do we ever feel ready though? You feel confused because you can see the value in your current situation also. There is a need to find a balance between logic and emotion. If there are others involved, or work, there is something that you don’t know (but you feel!) take off your blinders and see the truth for what it is. There is something great waiting for you on the other side of this decision.

Guidance: Create harmony and balance in your life so you can feel whole and clear in your direction. Take yourself in the direction of your hearts calling, your life purpose, or at the very least; things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Something about your situation has you feeling disconnected from yourself, take up yoga or something similar so you can reconnect with your truth and the way will become clear (not easy, but clear!)
This month you are surrounded by a fast moving and enthusiastic energy. Your thoughts will be clear and focused. This month, tap into the energy of ambition, determination and strength to succeed, and use it to propel you forward. There may be a tendency to be hasty this month, so thinking things through and looking at the consequences of your actions will be beneficial. This month you are ready to overcome any problems or obstacles in your path. Intellectual conversations will stimulate you this month.

Guidance: Time to dive in, release your dormant skills and desires as success is waiting for you. Once you accept your limits, you are able to move beyond them. Be bright and playful and live without inner limits. Pour your heart and soul into your projects and keep a look out for opportunities and resources around you. Go with the flow as it is all working out perfectly.
This month you are being reminded that you can look at things from both sides, both good and bad. You may find yourself focusing on all the things that have gone wrong for you or on something that has disappointed you if it didn’t turn out as you had hoped. If your emotions become heavy this month, remember to move your focus onto something better, onto the things you do have and are grateful for.

Guidance: To regain balance and harmony in your life, focus on the beauty of your soul. You can also create a personal alter, sit and meditate or go to your place of spirituality and honor yourself and those who have gone before you. The basic message is to change your focus, to pause and reflect on the good things in your life. By honoring the spiritual side of you, you are calling to you, exactly what you need to find balance and harmony. My grandma says, ‘pick up your socks and keep going.’
This month you are surrounded with fun, laughter and joy. This is a great time to look at the world like a child; with awe and wonder, and to actually be around kids too. There will also be happy memories of the past, how nostalgic it was. There will be many laughs at old memories and you are also being encouraged to look at the past to remind yourself that you can overcome things and you have learnt so much. It is also likely that you will visit an old environment, a home or even an old school friend may appear.

Guidance: You are being guided to get to know yourself on a deep level, both from your past and present experiences and from deeper divine wisdom. Take a step back from what or who others want you to be and explore your own unique and perfect vibe; it’s time to be fully you. Begin your quest to find out who you really are…from the heart!
This month you are surrounded by a calm and introverted energy…this energy is meant to urge you into self reflection, so try to not fall into disillusionment, lack of motivation or selfishness. Remember that this is a great time to meditate (even if that is dancing or bike riding for you) and get in touch with you, so you can find the truth that you are searching for. When you do, you will be able to broaden your focus and see that there are many opportunities available to you.

Guidance: Be in the now. You might be a person who longs for more, or at least at the moment you do. If you feel like you don’t belong here, are different or ‘want to go home’ but don’t know where it is. Remember, you are here to have an earthly experience, life’s gifts include blessings, trials, tribulations and achievements…to gain a sense of balance and joy, remember that you are here to blossom and harmonise your experiences. How can you enjoy the present more?
This month you are surrounded by joy, laughter, happiness and success. There is a sense of freedom about and anything that you are doing, or starting this month, will blossom into a wonderful success. Wherever you go or whatever you do, a positive and radiant energy will follow you. If you are not there yet, this month will bring so much positivity into your life. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and enjoy a sense of enlightenment. Expect breakthroughs and travel to sunny destinations too.

Guidance: This is a great time to let go of parts of yourself that don’t feel right anymore. Perhaps you have outgrown some beliefs or opinions. Perhaps you need to shed the ideas of others on how you view yourself? You are being invited to see the truth of who you are, what you are really here for. (Not the dream that society sells us). You have a purpose and now is the perfect time to step into it. Start following the breadcrumbs of what feels good and right for you.
This month your intuition is strong and your dreams will have messages for you. It’s a great time to clear out fears and blocks so you can reveal the truth of a situation. Don’t let smoke and mirrors trick you, be aware of taking things on face value, instead quieten your mind and see the truth as things may not be as they appear. Your dreams and intuitions will lead you forward to the easiest and best path for you, just don’t engage in negative self talk as this can derail you.

Guidance: Time to raise your vibration lovely. Take control of your emotions and don’t let the negative ones run the show. Clear them out with anything high vibe; rattles, clapping, dancing are some great ways you can do this. Be aware that your past hurts can be affecting the ways other people see you, so get some healing, or do some journey work to heal them and shift them so you can bring the high charismatic vibes.

I believe in positive messages for the heart. We are all on the path to our best lives and best selves…have a wonderful month and may your heart shine brightly from within!

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