GIFT IDEA: Dignity Dollars for a Woman in need

Dress for Dignity is an award-winning fashion store where you can shop and sell pre-loved clothing. It’s not simply another second-hand marketplace though, here your fashion choices make an impact.

As an initiative of the Australian charity Share the Dignity, Dress for Dignity raises funds to help women, girls and everyone with a period gain access to period products.

Recently winning a Women in Fashion award, Dress for Dignity made its debut in February 2022. Not even twelve months since its launch and this marketplace has already raised thousands of dollars for charity.

When you shop on Dress for Dignity, 100% of the proceeds from every sale go straight to Share the Dignity to provide period products to those in need. Thanks to its impact in the community and as an innovative Australia-first, this marketplace won the Best Community Fashion Initiative of 2022.

What impact does Dress for Dignity and Share the Dignity have within the community? In Australia there are 3.2 million people living under the poverty line, experiencing homelessness, fleeing from domestic violence or who are being impacted by the rising costs of living who are unable to afford products when they get their period. Affordable access to period products is something most of us take for granted but there are many who go without.

What is used instead of pads and tampons? Toilet paper, socks, newspaper, tissues. Shockingly sometimes nothing at all. This is hard to imagine but it’s the reality many people are faced with. Share the Dignity collects donations from the generosity of the Australian public in the form of physical and monetary donations to be able to distribute period products to charities who give it to those
in need.

Not only is Dress for Dignity making an impact on the local community but also on the planet. Australia is the second largest consumer of textiles per person in the entire world and on average we each throw out 23kg of clothing every year. That’s enough waste to cover the entire state of Tasmania! As a preloved clothing store, Dress for Dignity champions sustainable fashion, helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint through recycling and rehoming clothing that may otherwise end up in landfill.

Well deserving of their Best Community Fashion Initiative title, head to to make a difference today!



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