Flu shots free for 2024

The Queensland Government is backing free flu vaccinations in 2024, as part of a $40 million commitment to ease pressure on hospital emergency departments this flu season.

All Queensland residents over the age of 6 months are eligible to receive the free vaccine from vaccination providers, including GPs and pharmacies. Bookings are now open.

The peak season for influenza varies from year to year, but typically starts in May and lasts until around October, with most cases typically recorded in August.

Queenslanders are encouraged to consider vaccination ahead of the peak season to ensure coverage over the winter months.

This program is an extension of those that ran during the 2022 and 2023 seasons and saw 912,000 Queenslanders take up the offer.

Influenza vaccine uptake dropped significantly in 2023 compared to the year prior, with just a third of Queenslanders being vaccinated against the flu. Flu vaccination uptake was particularly low last year among children aged five years and under.

The 2024 Free Flu Vaccination Program, concluding on 30 September 2024, aims to encourage more Queenslanders to get vaccinated, while putting money back into the pockets of families who do not qualify for a free vaccination under the Commonwealth’s National Immunisation Program (NIP).



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