Flavia’s Journey: From Diagnosis to Determination – Join the 57 Squat Challenge for Breast Cancer Awareness

Flavia with her family

Flavia, hailing from Queensland, received her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 28 in February 2010. Drawing from her mother’s experience with the disease, Flavia learned to prioritize living life fully despite the diagnosis.

Three years later, she welcomed her first child, a son, despite challenges with breastfeeding due to her condition. In 2017, her second child, a daughter, arrived, and Flavia embraced both breast and bottle feeding with gratitude.

At her regular check-ups, Flavia’s specialist would suggest a bilateral mastectomy. She resisted it for a long time, but she remembered watching her mother’s breast cancer experience and decided she did not want her children to see her go through the same challenge.

Supported by her husband, children, and faithful Labrador, Flavia took on the 57 Squat challenge for two consecutive years, raising over six thousand dollars for breast cancer research. Driven by a passion for advocacy, she aims to contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s goal of eliminating breast cancer deaths by advocating for the 57 Squat challenge.

This March, we’re rallying the community to take on the 57 Squat Challenge where we ask you to complete 57 squats a day, for the 57 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer each day. It’s not just about physical exercise but a shared commitment to raising awareness and funds for world-class breast cancer research. By signing up, dedicating yourself to complete 57 daily squats, and actively fundraising, you become a vital part in supporting individuals like, Flavia.

In Flavia’s words, “My mum and I went through a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I have a daughter, so the vision of Zero Deaths is hugely important to me and to my family.”



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