Event Spotlight with Cosentino – The Grand Illusionist

Behind the Curtain: A Glimpse into Cosentino’s World of Magic

Hold on to your seats, because Australia’s very own Cosentino is about to amaze you Sunshine Coast!

With over a decade of entertainment success, this world-renowned magician, illusionist, and escape artist has captured the hearts of audiences across the globe. We are thrilled to celebrate his 10-year journey as Australia’s most successful magician. Cosentino has earned international recognition as he has been crowned International Magician of the Year, and trust us when we say, he is not your typical magician. He challenges laws of nature, defies gravity, and leaves the audience spellbound with his unique style of visual storytelling.

So get ready, because the world of Cosentino is full of excitement, wonder, and awe-inspiring magic. If you haven’t already had the chance to experience his incredible performances, there’s no time like the present, right here in April, on the Sunshine Coast! And yes folks, he does saw someone in half, the Cosentino way!! This is one magician you won’t soon forget!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Cosentino recently to get a glimpse into his world of magic.

    How were you introduced to magic and what was your very first magic trick?

    I started when I was 12. I was a very shy and introverted kid with learning difficulties. I started to read when I was 12 after I came across a book at the library with lots of pictures on famous magicians and their shows as well as magic tricks. The book drew me in and my mother took it home and spent lots of time with me going through the book, where I eventually learnt to read which to me was linked to writing and confidence and truly lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I had no intention of being a magician, I just liked the pictures in the book. I went on to learn my first magic trick and that was making a 20 cent coin vanish. I performed this in front of my father, who is a structural engineer and had no idea I was learning magic. This trick caught him off guard and he said “how did you do it?”, from that moment I experienced a transfer of power where the shy little boy with learning difficulties could do something that his genius father could not. This was powerful and the initial allure for me to the art form of magic.

    Is magic now a family affair for you?

    Yes, my brother tours with me constantly and looks after all the logistics and tour management. My fiance is the co-creative director and manages all the positioning of things on stage, movement and the traffic of the people plus the choreography. My mother and father are not as involved now as they were 10 years ago.

    Australia was not really known for magicians in the entertainment world, as America seemed to dominate this art form. How hard was it to become the first real celebrity Australian magician?

    At 13 years old, I was starting to really get into my magic, and remember, back then there was no you tube, google or tik tok etc…, if I wanted to learn about magic, it had to be in a library. Now and then I would watch a late tv magic show from America where I learnt about David Copperfield and David Blaine. So, my heroes were all foreign and the problem with that was, the dream to me, at 13 years old, seemed too big and impossible because I lived in Australia and not America. Also, at that time there were no magicians in Australia working at the American level, or any magicians appearing on Australia TV. As a magician in Australia, unlike acting or singing, there was no process I could follow as no path had been set for my art form in Australia. As a young magician, with no process to follow, my attitude was not to worry about it and just create the path. Thank goodness for being young and innocent when making that call, as if I had to look back now and see the road taken, I would probably not take it. So basically I had to lay down every brick, and now I can proudly say I have made the blueprint.

    How, when and where did you get your big break in magical showbiz?

    I first started doing shows in schools, 10 a week for 10 years straight. Then I started performing in shopping centers and all this gruelling work of setting up, doing the show, packing up and onto the next show was brilliant training for me. For example, my audience age range in the schools was from Prep (6) to Year 12 (17), which taught me to approach my shows differently, and now people say “wow you work so well with children”; well I had 10 years of working with children which helps. When I was performing in shopping centers I had to make my shows more visual to catch people’s attention. This was all great training for me to become a grounded and polished performer. I then went on to set up and promote my own theatre shows in regional and country areas and at that time I started noticing I was filling seats in these theatres, and this is what I consider to be my big breakthrough. When people were paying to come and see my show, this was my true breakthrough. Commercially I broke through on a show called Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, however, I already had a show, nothing had changed, I just now had the exposure. So really my career started 15 years prior to coming onto the show, to become an overnight success, and now many years later, I’m still here!

    What are the key highlights of the Decennium Show coming up in April on the Sunshine Coast, and which one is your favourite trick?

    The show is the ‘best of my best’. It’s people appearing and disappearing, levitating and teleporting, hanging upside down from burning ropes. It’s very visual with crazy death-defying escapes where I put myself in vulnerable positions and push my body to the limit and test my endurance. The show is dramatic, it’s romantic, it’s sexy at times, it’s funny, it’s a very rounded show because my production has always been designed to suit a family audience. In terms of my favourite pieces – my interpretation of the levitation is done in such a beautiful and romantic way, and on the flip side, it’s the audience participation that also makes the show exciting.

    Do you think anyone can do magic or become a magician like you? Where would they start?

    Anyone can do magic and learn tricks, and there are lots of places to learn from, in fact, why not start with my latest book which I released in November 2022. It’s a How To guide released by Hardie Grant called Tricked – A How To Guide to Magic and Illusions where I teach how to perform some of my favourite effects, actually there’s pages and pages of effects and so, so much more.

    We are thrilled to celebrate Consentino’s 10-year anniversary as Australia’s most successful magician, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this extraordinary performer. The world is truly his stage, and we have no doubt that he will continue to amaze and inspire us for decades to come. Congratulations, Consentino!

    SHOW: Cosentino ‘Decennium’

    WHERE: The Events Centre (Kings Theatre), Caloundra

    WHEN: Wednesday 12th April 2023, 7.30pm

    BOOKINGS: https://theeventscentre.com.au/event/cosentino-decennium/

    To check out Cosentino’s latest book, visit: Tricked – A How To Guide to Magic and Illusions

    To listen to the full audio interview with Cosentino, please see below:



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