Empowering Woodworkers: Isabel Atienza’s Journey with En Mina Leather

Isabel Atienza

En Mina Leather, a local Sunshine Coast brand based, specializing in exceptional leather storage solutions for tools, is making waves in the woodworking community.

Founded by Isabel Atienza, En Mina Leather stands out for its love for tools, commitment to quality, attention to detail, and support for Australian tanneries and local suppliers.

As a self-taught sewer and leathercrafter, Isabel embarked on her journey in 2017 out of frustration when she couldn’t find the perfect leather bag she needed. Since then, she has honed her skills and expanded her offerings to provide the woodworking community with
high-quality, Australian-made leather goods for tool storage.

In 2022, Isabel made the brave decision to leave her corporate job and fully devote herself to En Mina Leather. This leap of faith was driven by her true calling and the burning desire to provide the woodworking community with meaningful and long-lasting leather storage solutions. She has since focused all her time and expertise on designing and crafting exceptional products specifically tailored to the needs of woodworkers.

Within just one year of working full time on En Mina Leather, Isabel’s woodworking products have gained recognition and are now available on the shelves of one of the top woodworking tool retailers Australia-wide. This accomplishment has further fueled her passion to offer high-quality, Australian-made leather storage solutions to the woodworking community and empower others through her work.

As International Women’s Day approaches, Isabel’s journey as an aspiring entrepreneur in the woodworking and leathercrafting arena is both inspiring and empowering. Her love for tools, determination to follow her passion, and success in providing top-notch storage solutions in a male-dominated industry showcases the grit and dedication required for success.

En Mina Leather is passionate about inspiring other women to embrace their creative talents and break barriers, specifically in male dominated crafts such as leathercraft or woodwork.

About En Mina Leather:
En Mina Leather is a local brand that specializes in exceptional leather storage solutions. With a commitment to quality, attention to detail, and dedication to supporting Australian tanneries and local suppliers, En Mina Leather creates meaningful and long-lasting leather products for the woodworking community.



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