Community urged to stay off the unstable Moffat Beach seawall

Sunshine Coast Council is urging people to stay away from the Moffat Beach Seawall due to the risk of falling rocks and injury.

It comes as another section of the seawall has been damaged due to the persistent rain, large swell and beach erosion. 

Cracks have appeared at the top of the wall, rocks have become displaced and the southern section of the wall is beginning to subside.

Sunshine Coast Council has acted quickly to fence off the affected area and urge people not to climb on the wall and to follow signage for their own safety.

A temporary fence and signage has been installed in the area to warn people to stay clear.

We ask people to not walk along the beach, near the wall or to climb on the rocks.

The beach access stairs are still open to give water users a direct route to quickly exit the ocean and make their way back up to the park without having to walk along the beach.

There is a significant risk of the wall deteriorating further and if that occurs, rocks falls are highly likely.

Moffat Beach exclusion zone

The rocks can fall onto the beach at any time, and if it does, it will happen fairly quickly – within about 10-20 seconds – which means that anyone standing at the base of the rock wall will be injured.

Independent geotechnical and coastal engineers are being engaged to assess the damage and provide recommended solutions.

Temporary repair work will take place within the next few weeks while Council works on a longer-term plan to stabilise the wall. 

The safety signage and fencing will remain in place for the duration and the beach to the north of the seawall can still be accessed via Eleanor Shipley Park.

Our community’s safety remains council’s top priority throughout the project.

The cost to repair the seawall is unknown at this stage.

Council has set up a webpage to keep the community informed as the investigation continues at



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