Buderim Ginger’s Bioactive Ginger Plus Shots Recognised with Prestigious Industry Award

Buderim BioActive Ginger Plus shots

Buderim Ginger is proud to announce that its BioActive Ginger Plus (BG+) shots have been honoured as the “Best Functional Food or Beverage Product” at the esteemed Naturally Good Awards held in Sydney. The recognition comes as a result of the products ability to help relieve a range of ailments including nausea caused by travel sickness, pregnancy or medical treatments.

Millie Mae, Buderim Ginger’s Sales and Product Coordinator, expressed the excitement of Buderim Ginger upon receiving this national award, which saw the BG+ shots compete against a diverse range of national and international health-related products. She attributed the achievement to Buderim Ginger’s 80 years of experience in Ginger and the passionate in-house Research and Development team that formulated the product.

The BG+ range harnesses the power of locally grown ginger and combines it with essential nutrients, including post-type probiotics, plant-derived vitamins and minerals.

Buderim Ginger sales and product coordinator Millie Mae and marketing coordinator – communications Dani Russell

“We know that many clinicians advise their patients to use ginger to prevent and soothe nausea. We are so grateful to be able to offer a dedicated range of ginger products to really help people to get effective relief, with BioActive capsules, smoothie powder, gummie bears or daily shots,” Millie said. “Although our BG+ range was only recently introduced to the market, we have received outstanding feedback from customers, and the number of suppliers stocking this range continues to grow.”

With a legacy spanning over eight decades, Buderim Ginger has consistently delivered premium quality ginger products. The BG+ range exemplifies the company’s commitment to wellness, offering a line of functional, bioactive ginger products that embody their passion for ginger.

“Whether you are experiencing early pregnancy nausea, an individual dealing with travel or motion sickness, looking to boost your immune system, or simply someone seeking to improve gut health and immunity, this range of products is designed specifically to address your needs,” emphasised Millie Mae.

Registered nurse and midwife Amy Paulinich from Natural Birth Co believes the Buderim BioActive Ginger Plus range is an ideal natural supplement for women during pregnancy.

“Ginger has been proven to be a natural method to effectively reduce pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting.  Buderim BioActive Ginger Plus offers a wonderful range of products for pregnant women to receive their daily dose of ginger in all forms and I’d certainly be recommending it for my clients,” Amy said.



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