Award winning podcast records at Sunshine Coast StoryCast studio

StoryCast Studio users Victoria and Hamish

Tell your story and share your knowledge with StoryCast Studio – Sunshine Coast Libraries podcast studio.

The StoryCast Studio, which is located at Kawana Library, is acoustically treated and is free for community members with a current library membership to use. 

The space provides users with access to quality microphones, a podcast production mixer/interface, Audacity editing software and the library’s free WiFi.

Victoria and Hamish

Hamish Adams-Cairns and Victoria Vanstone, podcast hosts of ‘Sober Awkward’ have been recording their weekly episodes in the StoryCast studio since November 2023. Hamish said the podcast was about the weird and the wonderful world of sobriety.

“We tell our worst stories so that other people that used to drink, or still do can feel less embarrassed about theirs,” Hamish said.

Last year the podcast was awarded Australian Wellness Podcast of the Year at the Australian Podcast Awards.

The pair started recording in the StoryCast Studio because of the professional setup.

“We used to record in Victoria’s four-year old’s bedroom, which is not professional at all,” Hamish said.

Victoria said a lot of people work from home now, and it’s nice to come out, be in the library around people, and the equipment is amazing.

Since opening in 2021, many members of the community have utilised these podcast facilities to develop new digital skills, record and produce their podcasts and more.

The StoryCast Studio allows anyone to explore, create and produce podcast content on any subject that is of interest in a welcoming environment. Libraries are expanding their reach into new technology and making it available to the community for free.

To book a session at the StoryCast Studio visit the Sunshine Coast Libraries website.

StoryCast Studio Details:

Location: Kawana Library, 30 Nanyima Street, Buddina
Session Times: Monday to Friday    9.30am – 11.45am
                                                            12pm – 2.15pm
                                                            2.30pm – 4.45pm
                            Saturday                 9.30am – 11.45am                 

Not a member yet? Join online or speak to a friendly staff member at your local library. 



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