2024 Mayoral Candidate Jason OPray releases Cybersecurity Plan for Sunshine Coast

L-R: Valentine Wats, CEO and Founder of Excelitte, Dr Dennis Desmond, Program Co-ordinator: Cyberintelligence & Cyber Security, Blockchain and Cryptography at UniSC, Jason OPray, Division 8 Councillor and 2024 Mayoral Candidate

Today, Division 8 Councillor and 2024 Mayoral Candidate Jason OPray announced that if he becomes the next Sunshine Coast Mayor, he will immediately commission a Sunshine Coast Council Cyber Security Strategy and convene a high-level working group of industry professionals and academics to implement it.

“Council holds so much personal data on every ratepayer, pet owner and business owner. I want to be the Mayor that keeps Council on top of this emerging threat,” Cr OPray said.

“I’m proud to be running for Mayor with a plan that can be implemented the day I am sworn in.” Cr OPray said.

Cr OPray said, “Our highly successful Economic Development Strategy has done great work creating better, higher paying jobs in our technology sector. To protect our ratepayers, we will engage with those businesses and academics from UniSC and afield to protect our region”.

Dr Dennis Desmond, Program Co-ordinator: Cyberintelligence & Cyber Security, Blockchain and Cryptography at UniSC, stated, “Regional leaders and local governments must establish cyber security strategies.”

“More than 20 years ago, in 2001, one of the earlier examples of a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure took place in the Maroochy Shire, and today threats remain to local government assets and ratepayer data.”

“I look forward to doing all I can to help develop and implement the proposed Sunshine Coast Council cyber security strategy,” Dr Desmond said.

“There is a lot more for all levels of government to do to prepare for and counteract Cybersecurity threats. No one is immune from these threats.” Dr Desmond said.

Founder and CEO of tech company Excelitte Valentine Wats stated “As someone who has lived, worked and done business all over the world, I am impressed with the work the Sunshine Coast is doing to try and attract businesses like mine into the region.”

“Excelitte is a Software Engineering Cyber Security Company developing digital products to provide 100% security for all data and IT Assets.” Mr Wats said.

“It’ll take a new generation of leaders who understand the limitations of the conventional delivery of public services and proactively can engage the industry professionals and academics who specialise in delivering solutions who get on top of this issue,”, Mr Wats said.

“The commitment to a direct approach pathway to procurement is essential for a growing region such as the Sunshine Coast. It is essential that the Sunshine Coast Council not only attracts the best and brightest to set up businesses here, but there is a pathway for the Council to do business with them” Mr Wats said.

Mr Wats said, “I look forward to being a part of the panel and ecosystem in the Sunshine Coast going forward if Jason wins in March.”



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